I’m grateful for not having something called religion

It might be true that religion is not more than superstitious rubbish. It is passionate, irrational, and messy. It’s dogmatic, which I really detest.

This can’t be funnier, on the surface, people are trying to eliminate discrimination here & there, but the religion they worship, keep discriminating human being all the time. I’m grateful to know Buddhism Philosophy in my early life because I’m relieved that I don’t have to label myself with a particular religion to claim my place in heaven. That’s a wisdom!

AHA! This may be a quite radical post. Back then, I’m someone who don’t really like to express my feeling or opinion about religion stuff . It’s a sensitive topic for some people as we all know.  For me? It’s not. I don’t give a damn about your religion or my religion. I don’t even think I have a religion, because Buddhism is not a religion. It is a philosophy, a way of life, a wisdom. But I think, I don’t want to keep it for myself anymore. So I pour my disappointment over some religions (at least, some of the most popular in my country) here. I don’t need to mention which religions. Just keep it for yourself if you think you know which religions I’m talking about. You are free to read my thought here but remember, I don’t need someone to “enlighten” me or even “fix” me.  Keep your religious comment for your self or for your mother.

I just read a comment of an article from CNN. It really struck me.

Just look at history, there have been tons of Buddhist nations that have engaged in wars, but never for the sake of Buddhism itself. Only for the sake of greed, hatred, jealousy etc…which is universal to all human beings irrespective of religion.

I have no objection for this comment, not in the slightest. I even want to broadcast it to the world.

It occurred to me, why some religions have to bring their God in this situation. Why their God should be a reason for them to justify violence and brutality? Why can’t they separate the politic, power, and jealousy with religion? In my primitive brain, I think, a religion should be something that keep people sane, tamed, and civilized. But why in the world religion has become something that triggers warfare, horror, and grief?

I know I can’t generalize everyone based on their religion. There are so many wonderful people out there regardless what their religions are.

It’s big big question for me. Why? WHY and WHY?

Some people will say,

“It’s not about the religion, but it’s the human! ”

“My religion has never taught me to slaughter people, so it’s the people to blame. Not the religion”

“Bla bla bla bla”

I know. I know. That’s the classic answer.  But after long observation, I have my own theory. I know this really well because I experienced it.

Answer this. How can people with particular religion be less discriminating when their religion itself has discriminated human being from ancient time?

Some religions has judged that there’s no place for other religion in heaven up there.  Of course the words is not exactly like that.  You can make your own sentence. It’s just one example, of course there are more.

Let me laugh. HAHAHA. It’s just ridiculous! We are all the same, we are human, we are one species. How can we deserve to be treated differently in this universe just because what God we believe not based on what we do or how we live? How can you make me believe that I can’t hope to be in heaven when I die just because I don’t worship your so-called God? That’s a dogma that attaches in some religions I’m familiar with. That dogma grows robustly in the deepest place of their heart. But on the surface, they try to be more civilized by not touching that button. And unfortunately, a group of people has taken that dogma way too far.

Long story short, all I want to say is the dogma that has been planted by some religions is the real culprit. It has led some stupid and insane people to the darkest road. Wake up! There’s something called universal law in this universe. It’s fair and square, regardless your color, race, or what God you believe. How beautiful is that, huh?

I know I can change nothing. But I’m happy I’m finally be able to produce my own theory today. The validity is pretty much questioned, though. Hehe.


I’m growing Aloe Vera

Hey, what’s up?

Haha, I’ve abandoned this so-called blog for a long time. I will not even make a tiny excuse. My absence has nothing to do with my busyness. In fact, I’ve never been a really busy person, at least I feel that way. Don’t I have any activity to do? Sure I have. But I never think that I’m busy no matter how tight my schedule sometimes, hehe.

I really love WP’s new interface, so slick, simple, minimal, and so me! And hey, there are some new features recently. Account recovery via mobile phone, changing my username… waw. Finally I can change my username. My old username was imagehouse. Lol. What an ugly name for a blog username. The reason why I used that for my username is because I used WP to store some cute emoticon I frequently used in forum. But I found that was so not convenient, so I didn’t continue to use it. And to make it even more useless, I password protected every post, LOL! Don’t ask me why.

3-20-2013 4-51-40 PM

And you can’t imagine how grateful I am to be able change my username now. I just changed it a couple minutes ago. It said that I cannot change my username again in the future, but the feature didn’t disappear after I changed my username. So I guess, I still can change my username in the future. Hehe

Nah, the next renovation I did to my blog is I changed the theme! WOOHOO!!! I realized how dark and gloomy the theme I chose previously. But, I’m in a good and bright mood recently. So I decided to pick something cute, cheerful, and playful. At the first glance, chalkboard theme looked so cute. But my only disappointment is the color. BLACK. Come on, man, playful and cheerful theme using black color? It’s hard to pull it off . But since I don’t intend to spend some money to customized my blog appearance, I had to search another theme that suits my mood now.  TADA. Crafty theme. Hehe.. I always like pastel color.

Okay, actually it’s not what I want to blog about. After contemplating for so long thinking about what I want to write in my blog, finally I’m so happy I read this blog post at the right time. As the blog suggests, I want to tell you about my amazing aloe vera! I don’t have amazing cat. I just have two brainless and untameable dogs. How I wish Cesar Milan would give me a visit someday. Since my two dogs are not-so-amazing dogs, I prefer to talk about my newly adopted aloe vera. Yea.. I got this for free!


I always have a desire to have some a garden or beatutiful backyard with many fruit trees or, at least, potted fruit trees I can harvest all year long. This has been my dream for so long and yet still not been realized.  But. it never occurred to me that one day I’ll take care an aloe vera plant. Why would I have this spiky plant? To harvest it all year long? Sure I can do that. But I want fruits, sweet and watery fruit to be exact. I completely forgot why finally I wanted to have this plant at the first place.

When I was kid, my mom used its gel to nourish my hair because my hair growth was very slow back then. At 3 y.o, I only had a few strands of hair. I think someone really can quickly count how many strands I had. And let’s fast forward to ten years later. At my teenage year, I was known for a girl with a  very thick hair. I don’t know if it was because the magic of aloe vera or finally my hair found its way to grow robustly on my scalp. I had no hesitation to compare my hair with lion’s hair at that time. It was something my mom was really proud of.

But in my twenty something, my hair starts to fall like crazy. My mother always complains about my hair when I’m home. She can’t keep her house free from my hair no matter how many times she cleans the floor. Helloo mom, I never ask my hair to fall voluntarily at home. Sigh.

Long story short, I want my lion hair back! And I choose natural and cheap way first over chemical treatment that would cost me an arm and a leg. So I have to take care of this plant until it’s stable enough to produce more leaves for me. Hehe. I hope this plant won’t break my heart in the future. In the past, I’ve failed growing a cactus. CACTUS! It was rotten.  😦

I do really believe patience and perseverance will pay off. It’s still a long journey, though.

My patience is really short, but really, I start to think about to slow down, take a breath, be patient, because it’s good for my tired soul. I’ve never been a patient person my whole life. I always rush things, everything. I can’t and I don’t want to wait. It has to be now!  It’s now or never! Haha. That’s my motto. And it led me successfully to many failures.

Okay, hopefully I have a good news about this aloe vera in the next 2-3 months.

The Gnomes that make me scream in panic and laugh like crazy

So, you must be raising your eyebrow now. You’ve seen many kind of gnome maybe, but none of them as spectacular as I said in my title.

Okay, so the gnome I mention here is not the gnome that you usually see in the garden. It has nothing to do with garden and stuffs.  I’m talking about Gnome Toss! Harry Potter Gnome Toss! Yes, it’s HarPot themed card game.

Ever heard that before?

Gnome Toss I’m talking about here actually a card game. You can see more about this card game here

This card can be played by 3-6 six players. Three is the minimum, the more people who play it, the more excitement you’ll get.

Source: rpgeek.com

Every player will have a character card as their identity. Each character card has a unique color. You don’t need to remember the character’s name. You just need to remember the color. It’s the only thing that matters from your character card.  As an example, let’s say I get Harry Potter character as my identity. It means my identity is GREEN.

The deck of Gnome toss will be distributed evenly to all the players. The game starts with one player tossing his/her first card on the table (according to the rule, player to the dealer’s left plays first, but I guess you can improvised a bit about this).

You will never know who will play the next card. Play does not move in an orderly circle, but randomly. The gnomes decide who plays next.

Whenever someone tosses the green colored card or action card (that determines my turn) on the table, it means it’s my turn to toss one card from my hand to the Discard Pile. I need to do that ASAP, really ASAP, or the other players will have a chance to challenge me by grabbing my character card and slap it on the table. When it happens, it means I’ve lost in that round. As punishment, the Discard Pile on the table becomes mine. The game ends when one of players has discarded all the cards in their hand.

This game requires intense focus, you can’t even scratch your nose when the game is on or else you will be the last in de-gnoming. You can only focus on your turn without any intention to challenge other’s player’s mistake, but it’s not fun at all. The challenge part is what makes this game so incredibly fun and thrilling.

Speed and accuracy are the key in this game.

When I play this game more than one round and get the different character cards, most of the time, I forget what color I am in now. I’m easily mixed up. That happens so many times to me and my friends. And to make it worse, sometimes, we challenge our own mistake just because we forget what color we are in now!!! We couldn’t help but burst out laughing when this happens.

Overall, playing this game is totally a chaos. It’s really not recommended for a faint-hearted and slow on the uptake person. But I swear this game is really addicting.

You can download the Harry Potter Gnome Toss Rules. I just found it!

I’m looking for any board game that could be as simple yet complex as this. Any suggestion?

I’ve lost something and I’m happy

I’ve made two blog posts about my new lifestyle a few months ago.. you can read it here and here   Basically, I realized that I have weighed too much in these past two years.  I looked awful day by day. I needed to get back on track… I wanted to look good and be healthy.   So here’s the result. The hard work pays off .

Update 5 Jan 2014:
Sorry, I decided to removed the picture. For my own convenience. 🙂

Nanowrimo.. it sounds javaish..

Nanowrimo itu apa sih? Nerima permen nano-nano maksudnya? Wakkaa.

Bukan, bukan itu yang dimaksud teman-teman.

Asli gw jg baru denger istilah ini kemarin malam. Jadinya kemarin pas cek email, gw baca email dari WP dan nyebut2 soal Nanowrimo itu. Sebenarnya singkatannya jauh lebih menarik buat gw daripada kepanjangannya. As my title said, it sounds so Javaish… LOL

Nanowrimo itu rupanya kependekan dari National Novel Writing Month..

OOOOOOOOOO…. *terdengar paduan suara dari kejauhan*

WHoaaa… buat orang-orang yang hobi nulis, baik yg amatiran maupun yg uda expert, event-event seperti ini pasti sangat menarik buat mereka. Salah satunya adalah Robby donk. Lo harus ikut by. Gw aja yang ga bisa nulis, ikutan. Wakkakakka… biar aja de, mungkin ini bisa jadi salah satu momentum agar gw bisa menghasilkan sebuah karya, meski kecil sekali kemungkinannya novel ini bisa dipublish. Hahhaha. Abisan dari dulu gw uda mencoba mau nulis novel, selalu berhenti di chapter 2 biasanya. Jiakkakak

Uda ga sabar? Langsung aja ke http://www.nanowrimo.org

Masih betah di blog gw? Ya uda dengerin sekilas info dari gw ya..

2 BIG reasons why you should join this event.

  1. Peserta dari Indonesia atau negara manapun yang tidak bisa menulis dalam berbahasa Inggris bisa berpartisipasi dengan bahasanya masing-masing, karena sudah ada regional-regionalnya… Cihuy kann.. Event international tapi pk bahasa Indonesia. Gw yang ga bisa nulis dalam bahasa inggris maupun indonesia aja berani ikutan akhirnya… hehe, pede dulu yang penting.
  1. Cerita lo ga bakal dipublish secara public… para peserta ga bisa saling membaca karya orang lain. Ketika kita mengupload cerita, yg dilihat hanyalah jumlah katanya… bukan kualitas ceritanya. So kita berlomba untuk mencapai 50,000 kata yg dari kata-kata beberapa orang ga segampang yang dikira.

Lah kok ada event menulis kaya gini sih? Bukannya kita harus saling sharing sehingga bisa menerima masukan dari writer-writer lain. Ooops.. event ini tujuannya adalah mengejar kuantitas, bukan kualitas. Lo ga perlu khawatir tentang cerita yang lo buat, pokoknya yang penting by the end on november, you’ll have a 50,000 word novel. Mau itu bagus apa jelek, cuma lo dan Tuhan yang tau.
So what’s the point?

Ya intinya event ini merangkul semua orang untuk menulis, kadang kita suka susah menulis karena terlalu banyak alasan. Sibuk lah, ga ada ide lah, lagi mandeg lah, dll. Dengan adanya deadline dan persyaratan yang ga neko-neko, kita didorong untuk menulis. Practice makes perfect right?

Remember, it’s all about quantity, not quality.

Yang paling penting adalah jumlah kata. Kalau bisa mencapai 50ribu kata sebelum akhir November, congratulation, you’re the winner.

Terus kalau winner dapet apaan donk? Dapet status winner di forum Nanowrimo 😀 Itu sesuatu banget loh (hadeuu, mulai de ketularan gaya-gaya ababil jaman sekarang.)

Mungkin bagi sebagian orang, masih ada yang ngeganjel de tentang event ini. Masa nulis tapi kualitasnya ga diperhatikan? Ya seperti yg gw sebutkan di atas, intinya menulis dulu, kl cuma di pikiran ga ada realisasinya ya buat apa? Siapa tau dari tulisan kita yang uda ancur-ancuran itu bisa tercipta sebuah mahakarya di kemudian hari dengan penyempurnaan sedikit demi sedikit.

Wah ternyata info gw ga sekilas ya… wakkakaka, i’m too excited!

Aturan mainnya bisa diliat di sini: http://www.nanowrimo.org/hownanoworks
Pastikan lo ga menyalahi aturan main. Misalnya, dengan mulai mencuri start dari sekarang. It’s all about quantity and spontanity, people!

“Begin procrastinating by reading through all the great advice and funny stories in the forums. Post some stories and questions of your own. Get excited. Get nervous. Try to rope someone else into doing this with you. Eat lots of chocolate and stockpile noveling rewards.”

That’s what I’m doing now and here.

Let’s jump on the bandwagon!

When your friends call you something other than your name, what would that be?

I guess, if you were ever in school, a normal one, you would experience this as well. Your friends will call you something other than your name. So school day.

Here’s the story.

When I was in primary school, some of the boys in my class used to mock me for being a thick-lipped girl. They said some terms in Indonesian that annoyed me so much. But that was it. I was just annoyed, not sad. I’m not a kind of girl who cries when people are being unkind to me.

Before my friends in school started to call me with a name related with my thick lip, I swear I really didn’t know that my lip was too noticeable to be ignored by people around me. And one day I asked to my mom.

“Ma, why do they call me like that? I don’t think my lip is thick.” I asked cluelessly.

“Don’t hear them. You’re pretty. Your lip is sexy.” Mom said with smile.

Hmmm…  at that time, I thought my mom just tried to cheer me up. Well… as a kid, of course I didn’t know how sexy lip would look like.

And finally I got used to it. “Okay, they can call me all they like. I know they’re just jealous” I said that to myself, though I doubted it sometimes. Luckily, I have no problem with my confidence.

As I grew,  I met new people in new environments, and still my lip is too noticeable to be ignored… But they didn’t mock me…. They said something nice, exactly like what my mom said.

“You have a sexy lip.”

But strangely, as I grew, I think my lip is far from sexy. I have a thick lip, but not a sexy one.

After 25 years living with this lip, however, of course, I should be thankful, grateful, and happy with my lip. I may not have the best or the sexiest lip ever, but I’m 1000% sure that my lip is not the worst in human history. I don’t and should not really care what people say about my facial features.

Yes, it’s true, beauty is in the eye of beholder. Why do you need to care so much about the comments from someone you don’t like or someone who doesn’t like you?

The dream job

Last two weeks—am I right?—I just thought I would write at least 1 post per three days and suddenly things had been different and I had many things to do, some of them were my procrastinated jobs. Phew!

Since I’m talking about job, it won’t hurt to talk about my dream job, won’t it?

Everyone has a dream job. I do to. Before I talk further about my dream job, I want to write about my dream job in the past. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a scientist, or whatever you call it, who explores woods, desert, sea, mountain, and everything in a safari suit. It seemed I was a nature and outdoor lover. Yes, I was. Where did I get the idea of that job? I think it was from National Geographic shows. I wouldn’t miss a chance to watch it. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from it. Everything can wait. It amazes me to no end to see how big, powerful, unique, and magical our nature is. So, I wished I could be one of the scientist I watched in my TV someday.

But as I grew up, I realized it can’t be my dream anymore. It seemed impossible for me to be a scientist. I don’t have what it takes to be one of them. Hehehe.

Now, I have a job. A fine job that should be a well paid job, but unfortunately not in the company where I’ve been worked for 7 years. Lol. Looking at how long I’ve worked here, you might think that I’m in my thirties now. Actually, I’m still in my twenties!!  I still have 5 years to go to reach 30.

However, I like my job and enjoy it. These feelings are immaterial things that can’t be compared with money (It’s a lieeeeeeeeeee….) Hehehe. But as much as I like my current job, it is not my dream job. A dream job is a job where you drool over it. I’m not drooling over my job. So, it’s not…


Source: netstorysite.com

My current dream job is becoming a TV host who travels around the world to review some extraordinary places, adventurous park, and great food. What do you call it? I need a shorter term for my dream job. 😀

In Indonesia, some of them who are lucky enough to have this job are Dorce and Riyanni Djangkaru.  They go to wonderful places—for free of course!—they just talk in front of camera about how amazing the place they’re at, play around, enjoy the view, eat this and that, and the best of all is… they get paid. Damn! If I were them, I really didn’t mind eating veggies in my culinary journey, sun bathing, and everything. *cough*

I always think that this is everyone’s dream job—how could it not be after all? But people are unique. None of us will have the same preference.

Hold on…





Hmm… I just reviewed my post and then I realize that both  of my dream jobs merely are about traveling.  What’s the point of differentiating my dream jobs? mrgreen  Pardon me for this confusing post. I’m somewhat confused as well about what I’ve wrote.