I’m grateful for not having something called religion

It might be true that religion is not more than superstitious rubbish. It is passionate, irrational, and messy. It’s dogmatic, which I really detest.

This can’t be funnier, on the surface, people are trying to eliminate discrimination here & there, but the religion they worship, keep discriminating human being all the time. I’m grateful to know Buddhism Philosophy in my early life because I’m relieved that I don’t have to label myself with a particular religion to claim my place in heaven. That’s a wisdom!

AHA! This may be a quite radical post. Back then, I’m someone who don’t really like to express my feeling or opinion about religion stuff . It’s a sensitive topic for some people as we all know.  For me? It’s not. I don’t give a damn about your religion or my religion. I don’t even think I have a religion, because Buddhism is not a religion. It is a philosophy, a way of life, a wisdom. But I think, I don’t want to keep it for myself anymore. So I pour my disappointment over some religions (at least, some of the most popular in my country) here. I don’t need to mention which religions. Just keep it for yourself if you think you know which religions I’m talking about. You are free to read my thought here but remember, I don’t need someone to “enlighten” me or even “fix” me.  Keep your religious comment for your self or for your mother.

I just read a comment of an article from CNN. It really struck me.

Just look at history, there have been tons of Buddhist nations that have engaged in wars, but never for the sake of Buddhism itself. Only for the sake of greed, hatred, jealousy etc…which is universal to all human beings irrespective of religion.

I have no objection for this comment, not in the slightest. I even want to broadcast it to the world.

It occurred to me, why some religions have to bring their God in this situation. Why their God should be a reason for them to justify violence and brutality? Why can’t they separate the politic, power, and jealousy with religion? In my primitive brain, I think, a religion should be something that keep people sane, tamed, and civilized. But why in the world religion has become something that triggers warfare, horror, and grief?

I know I can’t generalize everyone based on their religion. There are so many wonderful people out there regardless what their religions are.

It’s big big question for me. Why? WHY and WHY?

Some people will say,

“It’s not about the religion, but it’s the human! ”

“My religion has never taught me to slaughter people, so it’s the people to blame. Not the religion”

“Bla bla bla bla”

I know. I know. That’s the classic answer.  But after long observation, I have my own theory. I know this really well because I experienced it.

Answer this. How can people with particular religion be less discriminating when their religion itself has discriminated human being from ancient time?

Some religions has judged that there’s no place for other religion in heaven up there.  Of course the words is not exactly like that.  You can make your own sentence. It’s just one example, of course there are more.

Let me laugh. HAHAHA. It’s just ridiculous! We are all the same, we are human, we are one species. How can we deserve to be treated differently in this universe just because what God we believe not based on what we do or how we live? How can you make me believe that I can’t hope to be in heaven when I die just because I don’t worship your so-called God? That’s a dogma that attaches in some religions I’m familiar with. That dogma grows robustly in the deepest place of their heart. But on the surface, they try to be more civilized by not touching that button. And unfortunately, a group of people has taken that dogma way too far.

Long story short, all I want to say is the dogma that has been planted by some religions is the real culprit. It has led some stupid and insane people to the darkest road. Wake up! There’s something called universal law in this universe. It’s fair and square, regardless your color, race, or what God you believe. How beautiful is that, huh?

I know I can change nothing. But I’m happy I’m finally be able to produce my own theory today. The validity is pretty much questioned, though. Hehe.


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