I’m growing Aloe Vera

Hey, what’s up?

Haha, I’ve abandoned this so-called blog for a long time. I will not even make a tiny excuse. My absence has nothing to do with my busyness. In fact, I’ve never been a really busy person, at least I feel that way. Don’t I have any activity to do? Sure I have. But I never think that I’m busy no matter how tight my schedule sometimes, hehe.

I really love WP’s new interface, so slick, simple, minimal, and so me! And hey, there are some new features recently. Account recovery via mobile phone, changing my username… waw. Finally I can change my username. My old username was imagehouse. Lol. What an ugly name for a blog username. The reason why I used that for my username is because I used WP to store some cute emoticon I frequently used in forum. But I found that was so not convenient, so I didn’t continue to use it. And to make it even more useless, I password protected every post, LOL! Don’t ask me why.

3-20-2013 4-51-40 PM

And you can’t imagine how grateful I am to be able change my username now. I just changed it a couple minutes ago. It said that I cannot change my username again in the future, but the feature didn’t disappear after I changed my username. So I guess, I still can change my username in the future. Hehe

Nah, the next renovation I did to my blog is I changed the theme! WOOHOO!!! I realized how dark and gloomy the theme I chose previously. But, I’m in a good and bright mood recently. So I decided to pick something cute, cheerful, and playful. At the first glance, chalkboard theme looked so cute. But my only disappointment is the color. BLACK. Come on, man, playful and cheerful theme using black color? It’s hard to pull it off . But since I don’t intend to spend some money to customized my blog appearance, I had to search another theme that suits my mood now.  TADA. Crafty theme. Hehe.. I always like pastel color.

Okay, actually it’s not what I want to blog about. After contemplating for so long thinking about what I want to write in my blog, finally I’m so happy I read this blog post at the right time. As the blog suggests, I want to tell you about my amazing aloe vera! I don’t have amazing cat. I just have two brainless and untameable dogs. How I wish Cesar Milan would give me a visit someday. Since my two dogs are not-so-amazing dogs, I prefer to talk about my newly adopted aloe vera. Yea.. I got this for free!


I always have a desire to have some a garden or beatutiful backyard with many fruit trees or, at least, potted fruit trees I can harvest all year long. This has been my dream for so long and yet still not been realized.  But. it never occurred to me that one day I’ll take care an aloe vera plant. Why would I have this spiky plant? To harvest it all year long? Sure I can do that. But I want fruits, sweet and watery fruit to be exact. I completely forgot why finally I wanted to have this plant at the first place.

When I was kid, my mom used its gel to nourish my hair because my hair growth was very slow back then. At 3 y.o, I only had a few strands of hair. I think someone really can quickly count how many strands I had. And let’s fast forward to ten years later. At my teenage year, I was known for a girl with a  very thick hair. I don’t know if it was because the magic of aloe vera or finally my hair found its way to grow robustly on my scalp. I had no hesitation to compare my hair with lion’s hair at that time. It was something my mom was really proud of.

But in my twenty something, my hair starts to fall like crazy. My mother always complains about my hair when I’m home. She can’t keep her house free from my hair no matter how many times she cleans the floor. Helloo mom, I never ask my hair to fall voluntarily at home. Sigh.

Long story short, I want my lion hair back! And I choose natural and cheap way first over chemical treatment that would cost me an arm and a leg. So I have to take care of this plant until it’s stable enough to produce more leaves for me. Hehe. I hope this plant won’t break my heart in the future. In the past, I’ve failed growing a cactus. CACTUS! It was rotten.  😦

I do really believe patience and perseverance will pay off. It’s still a long journey, though.

My patience is really short, but really, I start to think about to slow down, take a breath, be patient, because it’s good for my tired soul. I’ve never been a patient person my whole life. I always rush things, everything. I can’t and I don’t want to wait. It has to be now!  It’s now or never! Haha. That’s my motto. And it led me successfully to many failures.

Okay, hopefully I have a good news about this aloe vera in the next 2-3 months.


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