New Dream


I’ve been abandoned this blog for a long time. Nothing special happened, though. I just lost my passion in writing about my life, my boring life, 😛 But now, I have a dream that I hope I can make it come true soon. When it happens, my life is not the same old story anymore.

Everyone can dream but not everyone really dares to chase their dream and make it come true. 9 years ago I chose to give up on my dream. But now, I’m not the same person who will easily give up on her dream. I’ll fight for it.

I think life is short and I’ve wasted my time so much by not chasing my dream. I wish I had more courage to chase this big dream of mine. And you probably ask, “What is your dream actually, Mia?”

I think I will not share it to people at this moment, I will be a laughing stock, maybe. Right now, I just want to focus on my dream. Do my best to achieve it.
This is just the beginning and I already have to make a quite big sacrifice, financial and my heart. Financially, I’ve to skip my planned holiday to SG (note: tickets and accommodation have been booked and paid T_T)

What about my heart?
Spending my time in SG for 3 days will make me (99% sure) going home with a content heart and wide smile. I can picture myself strolling along the Bugis junction, buying fashion stuffs, and then savouring a plate of chicken rice at Novena T_T

Now, let me write one of the scenario that could be happened by going to Surabaya. There’s a 50-50 chance that I will go back home with red eyes and swollen nose, brokenhearted, and frustration.
Another scenario is I will go home with a ground-breaking news to my parents and boyfriend. Lol. And hopefully a bright future. *ehem*

*Bang my head on keyboard* Have I lost my mind?

Now I have to (and already) book a ticket to Surabaya. My god, this is the biggest financial loss I’ve ever been in.
Hopefully, this is the right decision. Whatever it is, I will not regret it. *still crying over the bills, though*

Ciao, wish me luck. I have a lot of things to prepare.


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