Review: Wicked as They Come

Wicked as They Come (Blud, #1)Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I never thought that having a magician or even a gypsy king as your lover would be fun and amazing. I’ve never adored any magician before. Though I love to watch magic show, but fall in love with a magician?? Nay!
It has never occurred to me before.

But this time, a magician, yes, you don’t hear it wrong. A Magician, a gypsy has stolen my heart. He brings me into his world, his magic world. I can’t help but falling in love with Criminy, a ringmaster who owns a circus caravan in Sang, a strange world where cute bunnies can be deadly to a mere human like us.

Criminy Stain, who is he? He’s a bludman. He drinks blood, but he’s not dead, and he’s not a vampire. He’s powerful, hard to kill, wild, untamed, and wicked as they come.
If you don’t know what a combination between a dark, romantic, yet humorous person will look like, just take a look at Criminy. Get to know him. The way he grins… it will melt you in a heartbeat like ice cream in an oven. Honestly, his sense of humour is one of the important things that makes him different from another… vampires?? Oh, not really. I told you he’s not a vampire.

Frankly, the only downside that Criminy has is…. his hand, black scaled hand. Yeah… I wish he didn’t have those black scaled hand. Why… why should a perfect creature like him has those… *trailed off*

When I read this book, it was hard to not to think about Edward and Bella in Twilight (since it’s the only vampire book I read my whole life). Mock me all you want and I’m not ashamed of it.

I’m not saying that this book is another Twilight book. No no. It’s much better than Twilight for me. Hehehe. But let’s see. We can count a lot of similarities here.
First, there is a super handsome yet dangerous blood drinker who appears as hard as stone in front of others but as soft as cheesecake in front of his woman. Hmm who is that *whistling*
Second, their worlds are entirely different, but they can’t help falling in love with each other. It’s like they’re destined to be together. Getting more familiar?
Third, it’s another story of “so the lion fell in love with the lamb”. The man is the predator and the lady is the prey.

Got it?

I know some of you (me included) are growing tiresome of Vampire books, but there’s no way this book will disappoint you. Delilah did a wonderful job in creating a world where a species called Bludman exists in that world. This book is awesome. I can’t stop thinking about Criminy when I read it.

Err… I supposed to tell you about another aspect of the book in this review, but I can’t explain why I can’t write about another thing in my review besides Criminy. Maybe this is the worst review you guys ever read *cough* Please don’t blame my incapability in writing a good review. I guess part of this is because of Criminy. Deep in my heart, I believe Criminy has thrown a love spell on me. That’s why it turns out this way. Can’t help it guys… *shrug my shoulder*

Maybe I will find an enchanted locket in the future. Maybe another Criminy is waiting for me in another universe right now.

I must be crazy.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Wicked as They Come

  1. For what it’s worth, I read all of Twilight and have all the movies, so I’m right there with you. =) So glad you love Crim as much as I do!

  2. Delilah! Thank you for visiting my not so-called book review. LOL

    I have three questions.

    First, were you involved in choosing the book cover (I mean the model). If you were, then I will take the guy on the cover is the real Criminy.

    Second, if Wicked as They Come has a chance to become a movie, who is the person that will fit into Criminy character?

    Third, do you have a plan to write another book with Criminy as the main character again? Because, I don’t think Sang will hold any interest to me without Crim around.

    Pssst… about the second book, I can’t make myself love Casper even though he’s a super gorgeous man from Earth. Unlike Letitia, I can’t take my eyes off of Criminy.

    See? If no one agrees with me, it must be the spell!! LMAO! I don’t mind at all after all.

    • 1. Nope. The cover just showed up in my inbox one day. The artist is Tony Mauro, who is a super nice and talented guy. I had some requested changes to make him more Criminy-esque, and he was very gracious about it. I think of Crim as more wiry, more spare, kind of like Jonathan Rhys Myers.

      2. In my dream world, he would be played by the above JRM or Johnny Depp. Tim Burton would direct, of course.

      3. I am seriously hoping that the reader outcry will allow me to write a book– or at least longer novella– to finish Criminy and Tish’s story. It’s definitely not over. I had an entire 3-book story arc planned out for them!

      Casper… is not the same dude in book 2. He has this sexily suicidal recklessness combined with an alpha-male vibe and a hearty dose of Southern gentleman. If you follow my FB author page, I sometimes post quotes. I kind of fell for him, despite myself. =)

  3. 1. Nope! The cover just showed up in my inbox one day, totally taking me by surprise! I guess I had expected something more like Gail Carriger’s books and was thrown by the half-naked dude. But Tony Mauro is a really nice and talented guy, and he was very accommodating to a few requests that made the due more Criminy-esque, including narrowing him to be more wiry, making him paler, and changing his pants/stance. Now I love it!

    2. My first choice for Crim would be Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Johnny Depp. With Tim Burton directing, of course.

    3. I would *love* to write another book with Tish and Crim! I originally had an entire 3-book story arc set up for them, but my editors wanted to go with different romances. I really hope that the reader outcry will spawn a book or at least novella just for them

    4. Believe me when I saw that Casper has changed for the better. =) He’s got this sexily suicidal recklessness combined with a rising alpha-male vibe, along with a healthy dose of fallen Southern gentleman.

    Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know, and thanks for the email!


  4. oh oh oh…. Demam twilight sudah lewat, sekarang waktunya Wicked as They Come,

    Baca review ini jadi terngiang-ngiang review gw tentang Hush Hush, hahaha
    Bedanya lu ngasih pujian ke buku ini, sedangkan gw ngasih hina dina-an buat si malaikat kurang kerjana itu. Cowok keren, charming, tampan gila, cinta terlarang, hmmm temanya rada so-so gitu mel…

    Btw, gw lagi baca buku baru. Yang kali ini beda dari biasanya 😀
    Monggo di tengok

    Ini buku udah memikat hati gw dari covernya. Pas baca beberapa lembar halaman, gw jatuh cinta dengan penuturannya, hahaha.

    oh iyaaa, selamat udah dikunjungin sama penulis Wicked as They Come, huahahahaha
    kebanggaan tersendiri yaaa, kalo kata anak alay ‘sesuatu bangeeett’ wakakaka

    eh kok kita selalu bisa berbarengan ya, waktu lagi bete nulis & baca, kita bedua sama2 vakum dari dunia sastra. giliran mau mulai masuk lagi, kita sama2 lagi bareng baca buku, hahahahaha kita memang soulmate sejati *pelukan*

    • o iya.. surprise banget authornya datang ke review gw yg aneh ini, wakkakakka

      lo uda selesai baca letters to sam?? Sebenarnya gw uda dengar dr lama sih.. tp berhubung gw ga pny hubungan yg ckp baik dgn grandpa gw, jadi gw ga terlalu tertarik dgn tema buku ini, hahhaha, kl misal dengan father, mother, mau deh gw baca. Wakkakak

      Buku sejenis ini yg barusan gw beli dr amazon kmrn Love, Aubrey. Cuma baru baca dikit, blom bisa komentar. Reviewnya sih buku ini sangat menyentuh.

      baru belanja buku lagi lo by? ini buku kapan punya??

      kita kan emg sehati by *peluk*

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