Review: French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for PleasureFrench Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure by Mireille Guiliano

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I actually still can’t believe that french women don’t get fat. Maybe most of them are not fat, but there should be some fat women there. Hahhahahha

Okay, being successful on my diet (fat loss) a couple of months ago, I didn’t know why I still wanted to have and read this book while I have known everything related to fat loss, at least the very basic foundation to shred the fat in my body. And it works like a charm on me.

Now after reading a few chapter of this book, I might say that the author of this book is very careful and thoughtful on expressing the direct way to stay slim or get thin, which actually bored me when I read this book. She might scare the shit out of the readers if she tells the truth of getting slim.

Dear fellow,
To be honest, nothing is easy when it comes to lose your fat. The level of difficulties depends on how you perceive things and how motivated you are. If you’re not motivated at all, even just logging what you eat can be a hard task.

Actually, if you can answer this simple question, you know how to lose some fat.

Answer this:
Why do you get fat?

If your answer is “I eat too much” or something similar with aforementioned statement,then you already know the way to lose that fat. But knowing it doesn’t mean you’ll do it, does it?

Now, what does it take to lose some fat?

Motivation and patience.

Yes, the bigger motivation you have the easier the process. Don’t forget, it takes time to see the result. Please don’t expect you’ll have a slender figure in just 1 month or even in 2 weeks, though it’s possible in some conditions.

What this book tells you are some recipes (which I found no interest to try one of them, it’s just not my choice to have any baked fruit or vegetable soup for snack or meals) and some French lifestyles (which I think it can’t be applied for everyone with various background, routines and culture)
I’m glad I didn’t read this book in the first place when I decided to lose some fat. It surely will upset me to see the menu here.

In fact, I didn’t eat any baked fruit or some weird vegetable soup to make me full, satisfied, happy, and slender. I eat a lot of meat and never eat vegetable (because I simply don’t like veggies). But still, I managed to lose my fat.

Conclusion, this book is absolutely for a novice or beginner. Will it lead you to a slender figure? I doubt it. The author puts too many words on unimportant aspect and totally missing the true science in getting slim. Nutrition, calories in and out, she misses it.

Save your money for another book.

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2 thoughts on “Review: French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

  1. Cepet amat udah selesai bacanya.

    Ini novel atau tutorial pengurusan badankah??

    “Save your money for another book”
    Huahahahaha, bukannya kemaren udah “save” banget me??? XD XD

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