The Gnomes that make me scream in panic and laugh like crazy

So, you must be raising your eyebrow now. You’ve seen many kind of gnome maybe, but none of them as spectacular as I said in my title.

Okay, so the gnome I mention here is not the gnome that you usually see in the garden. It has nothing to do with garden and stuffs.  I’m talking about Gnome Toss! Harry Potter Gnome Toss! Yes, it’s HarPot themed card game.

Ever heard that before?

Gnome Toss I’m talking about here actually a card game. You can see more about this card game here

This card can be played by 3-6 six players. Three is the minimum, the more people who play it, the more excitement you’ll get.


Every player will have a character card as their identity. Each character card has a unique color. You don’t need to remember the character’s name. You just need to remember the color. It’s the only thing that matters from your character card.  As an example, let’s say I get Harry Potter character as my identity. It means my identity is GREEN.

The deck of Gnome toss will be distributed evenly to all the players. The game starts with one player tossing his/her first card on the table (according to the rule, player to the dealer’s left plays first, but I guess you can improvised a bit about this).

You will never know who will play the next card. Play does not move in an orderly circle, but randomly. The gnomes decide who plays next.

Whenever someone tosses the green colored card or action card (that determines my turn) on the table, it means it’s my turn to toss one card from my hand to the Discard Pile. I need to do that ASAP, really ASAP, or the other players will have a chance to challenge me by grabbing my character card and slap it on the table. When it happens, it means I’ve lost in that round. As punishment, the Discard Pile on the table becomes mine. The game ends when one of players has discarded all the cards in their hand.

This game requires intense focus, you can’t even scratch your nose when the game is on or else you will be the last in de-gnoming. You can only focus on your turn without any intention to challenge other’s player’s mistake, but it’s not fun at all. The challenge part is what makes this game so incredibly fun and thrilling.

Speed and accuracy are the key in this game.

When I play this game more than one round and get the different character cards, most of the time, I forget what color I am in now. I’m easily mixed up. That happens so many times to me and my friends. And to make it worse, sometimes, we challenge our own mistake just because we forget what color we are in now!!! We couldn’t help but burst out laughing when this happens.

Overall, playing this game is totally a chaos. It’s really not recommended for a faint-hearted and slow on the uptake person. But I swear this game is really addicting.

You can download the Harry Potter Gnome Toss Rules. I just found it!

I’m looking for any board game that could be as simple yet complex as this. Any suggestion?


4 thoughts on “The Gnomes that make me scream in panic and laugh like crazy

  1. Wohoo,, gw sebagai penganut aliran “Love Harpot forever” baru tau ada mainan kartu kyk gini. Lu maen sama siapa? Sama Andre ya??? Pasti lu curang mulu dah hahahahahha

  2. Jahh.. si Andree mah masuk kategori yg lemot by. wakkakakkaka, gw bantai dia kl main ini

    Gw mainnya sm temen2 kantor gw.. di kantor pula mainnya. Dan supaya kl kita2 pada jejeritan atau ngakak yg lain ga keganggu gw mainnya di dalam studio, kan kedap suara. ASik kan tuh.. wkakakka

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