When your friends call you something other than your name, what would that be?

I guess, if you were ever in school, a normal one, you would experience this as well. Your friends will call you something other than your name. So school day.

Here’s the story.

When I was in primary school, some of the boys in my class used to mock me for being a thick-lipped girl. They said some terms in Indonesian that annoyed me so much. But that was it. I was just annoyed, not sad. I’m not a kind of girl who cries when people are being unkind to me.

Before my friends in school started to call me with a name related with my thick lip, I swear I really didn’t know that my lip was too noticeable to be ignored by people around me. And one day I asked to my mom.

“Ma, why do they call me like that? I don’t think my lip is thick.” I asked cluelessly.

“Don’t hear them. You’re pretty. Your lip is sexy.” Mom said with smile.

Hmmm…  at that time, I thought my mom just tried to cheer me up. Well… as a kid, of course I didn’t know how sexy lip would look like.

And finally I got used to it. “Okay, they can call me all they like. I know they’re just jealous” I said that to myself, though I doubted it sometimes. Luckily, I have no problem with my confidence.

As I grew,  I met new people in new environments, and still my lip is too noticeable to be ignored… But they didn’t mock me…. They said something nice, exactly like what my mom said.

“You have a sexy lip.”

But strangely, as I grew, I think my lip is far from sexy. I have a thick lip, but not a sexy one.

After 25 years living with this lip, however, of course, I should be thankful, grateful, and happy with my lip. I may not have the best or the sexiest lip ever, but I’m 1000% sure that my lip is not the worst in human history. I don’t and should not really care what people say about my facial features.

Yes, it’s true, beauty is in the eye of beholder. Why do you need to care so much about the comments from someone you don’t like or someone who doesn’t like you?


4 thoughts on “When your friends call you something other than your name, what would that be?

  1. Mungkin waktu jawan sekolah, kyknya cuma gw ya yg gak mempermasalahkan ‘lip’-mu itu.. Kalo diliat dari sudut pandang mana pun, lu terlihat sexy.. Wahahahahha…

    Inget gak pas waktu di kelas kita kegerahan, and ngipas pake buku sampe rambut lu melayang2. Trus gw bilang gini ke elu, “Mel, lu kyk di video klip Cindy Claudia Harahap.” mungkin karena dari bentuk wajah, bibir, dan pose rambut melayang. Wakakaakak Tp gw bilang itu sexy kok.

  2. Robbyyyyyyyyy, you make my day!!! Thank you thank you.
    Iya bener, lo ga pernah mempermasalahkan bibir gw, hahahhaha…. I wonder why it mattered for some people. *rubbing my jaw*

    Ya ya, dulu kan video klip cindy claudia itu mayan sering diputar di TV dan adegan rambut panjang berkibar itu begitu populer.. wakkaka

    Tiap ngomongin masa2 sekolah dulu, selalu nostalgia ni gw.. Dulu kita sering menghujat sekolah kita ye, abisan kelas sok-sok pake AC tapi ACnya kagak ada dingin2nya dan sampai-sampai kipas plastik jadi laris manis. A must have item to bring to school tuh. ..

    Eh by, I’m planning to release a new entry today. An entry that will set you on fire. Stay tuned ya.

  3. Hahahah iye kipas plastik jadi barang ‘kudu bawa’ selain sisir & Antis.

    Kadang emg ngejengkelin sih sama org yg suka nyebut kita dengan “julukan hina”. Gw sendiri juga pernah ngalaminnya, dan gw akuin itu sangat ngeganggu gw banget. Plizz jgn disebut dsni deh, biar gw gak inget2 masa kelam itu. Wakakakkaka.

    Woow,, apa tuh new entrynya??? Cerpen kah?? *mulai napsu membara*

  4. wakakka, kayanya gw tau apa panggilan yg lo maksud itu. Ya begitulah cerita tentang masa-masa sekolah dulu yang penuh dengan kelabilan.

    pokoknya tunggu aja de… fufuufuf

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