Review: Skinny by Diana Spechler

My rating: 2/5

Dear fat people,

Hmmm… I didn’t mean to say something ugly about fat people… That’s just a line I found over and over again in this book. And it’s a little bit improper for my liking. Fat people might be offended when they read this book.

The first thing I want to say about this book is I DISLIKE GRAY LACHMAN SO MUCH.

Gray was an independent, strong-willed, and skinny woman. Yeah, I have to mention the skinny part, since it is the title of this book and Gray being skinny plays a quite important role in this book. But when her father died, she lost interest in everything but food. She started to binge-eat. She ate like a pig and forgot all the diet she’s been on. I might feel sympathetic for what happened to her. I thought it is normal for someone to feel that way when her father dies.

When she’s finally back to her conscious state, she learned that her father may have an affair with another woman and she may have a half-sister. So she gathered information as much as she can about her possibly half-sister, Eden. She finally knew that Eden will attend a weight-loss camp at South. She couldn’t miss this opportunity. She wanted to tell Eden that they share the same father. So, she applied for a job in that camp and she was accepted. And that was the time I started to hate everything about her. I hate how she acted and reacted in that camp. As I read more and more, Gray really bugbed me to no end, especially when she started to flirt with her co-worker, a hot personal trainer, Bennet. I just want to put them both in hell.

Actually, this book has a lot of characters that are worth to mention. But I dislike them as well. I thought I would never find a loveable character here. They’re so… urrrghhh…Words fail me. But in the end of the story, there’s Mickey, Gray’s long-time boyfriend, who finally took action and came to rescue me from all the dullness. I really love the part where he visits Gray at camp. All my rage starts to disappear ever since. You’ll know why I feel that way if you read this book. Hehe. Hehe. And about what happened in Chapter 73, Gray really deserves it. *evil grin*

It’s hard to write a review about this book, I barely remember about what had happened in the beginning of this book because I already read it since 3 months ago and finally can finish it today. It’s just boring.

ARC Source: Netgalley

P.S: My fat-loss program has zero to do with this book. It’s just a coincidence that I started to worry my body during reading this book. Skinny doesn’t inspire me at all to be a skinny girl.


3 thoughts on “Review: Skinny by Diana Spechler

  1. *prok prok prok

    Akhirnya selesai juga ya bacanya.

    Ooh ternyata cerita ttg fat people yaaa.
    *nunduk liat perut sendiri – LOL*

    Hadeeh gw pkir cerita apa, ga taunya ttg gituan. Dari baca review u aja gw ud ga tertarik buat baca, hehehehe…

    Tapi ga tau juga sih, kalo di dalemnya itu ada penggalian psikologisnya si Gray, mungkin jadi lebih menarik. Misalnya ada deskripsi detail ttg segala pikiran, perasaan, dan usaha si Gray mulai dari dia jatoh putus asa sampai dia bisa mengatur hidupnya lagi. Kalo dari smua itu disajikan scra lengkap, mungkin ceritanya jadi bisa lebih hidup.

  2. jg tidak menyarankan buku ini untuk dibaca siapapun. Hahahahha. Ini bukan tentang fat people juga sih by. Tapi castnya kebanyakan adalah fat people. Si Gray sendiri ga sampe fat2 amat.

    Banyak hal yang ga masuk akal deh mengenai si Gray ini. Ada sih deskripsi pemikiran dan perasaan si Gray, yg semakin bikin gw benci dia. Sama sekali ga entertaining ni buku. Hahahhaa

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