The dream job

Last two weeks—am I right?—I just thought I would write at least 1 post per three days and suddenly things had been different and I had many things to do, some of them were my procrastinated jobs. Phew!

Since I’m talking about job, it won’t hurt to talk about my dream job, won’t it?

Everyone has a dream job. I do to. Before I talk further about my dream job, I want to write about my dream job in the past. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a scientist, or whatever you call it, who explores woods, desert, sea, mountain, and everything in a safari suit. It seemed I was a nature and outdoor lover. Yes, I was. Where did I get the idea of that job? I think it was from National Geographic shows. I wouldn’t miss a chance to watch it. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from it. Everything can wait. It amazes me to no end to see how big, powerful, unique, and magical our nature is. So, I wished I could be one of the scientist I watched in my TV someday.

But as I grew up, I realized it can’t be my dream anymore. It seemed impossible for me to be a scientist. I don’t have what it takes to be one of them. Hehehe.

Now, I have a job. A fine job that should be a well paid job, but unfortunately not in the company where I’ve been worked for 7 years. Lol. Looking at how long I’ve worked here, you might think that I’m in my thirties now. Actually, I’m still in my twenties!!  I still have 5 years to go to reach 30.

However, I like my job and enjoy it. These feelings are immaterial things that can’t be compared with money (It’s a lieeeeeeeeeee….) Hehehe. But as much as I like my current job, it is not my dream job. A dream job is a job where you drool over it. I’m not drooling over my job. So, it’s not…



My current dream job is becoming a TV host who travels around the world to review some extraordinary places, adventurous park, and great food. What do you call it? I need a shorter term for my dream job. 😀

In Indonesia, some of them who are lucky enough to have this job are Dorce and Riyanni Djangkaru.  They go to wonderful places—for free of course!—they just talk in front of camera about how amazing the place they’re at, play around, enjoy the view, eat this and that, and the best of all is… they get paid. Damn! If I were them, I really didn’t mind eating veggies in my culinary journey, sun bathing, and everything. *cough*

I always think that this is everyone’s dream job—how could it not be after all? But people are unique. None of us will have the same preference.

Hold on…





Hmm… I just reviewed my post and then I realize that both  of my dream jobs merely are about traveling.  What’s the point of differentiating my dream jobs? mrgreen  Pardon me for this confusing post. I’m somewhat confused as well about what I’ve wrote.


7 thoughts on “The dream job

  1. Sebelumnya minta maap, baru bisa posting komen skrg T.T
    You know situasi sekarang gw yang (sok)sibuk ini. Hahahahahaha….

    Well, ngomongin cita2 & kerjaan impian ya.
    *ngacungin jari* sayaah juga punyaaa… 😀

    Gw tuh dari dulu pengen kerjaan yang mengutamakan kreatifitas, yg istilah kerennya : memaksimalkan kinerja otak kanan. Huahahahaha
    Apa kek gitu ya, design juga oke, gw suka.
    Jadi penulis, uuhhh dari dulu.
    Atau apalah yg bersentuhan dengan seni.

    Klo sekarang ini entah kenapa kerjaan gw pake otak kiri semua. Dulu harus analisis sistem, skrg puyeng sama coding2an.. Haizaaaa… Kayaknya takdir salah membawa gw ke dunia IT.

    Oh iya, kerjaan Jejak Petualang si Riyani itu juga asik ya mel, bisa keliling indonesia… Atau jurnalis juga asik tuh. Asal jangan disuruh ngeliput perang irak aja. Wakakakakak…

  2. Ya intinya lo pgn kerja di creative field ya…

    Hahhaha gw jg maunya gitu by. Tapi bidang gw sekarang termasuk creative field buat gw sih. Hahhahahha. Makanya gw betah.

    Tapi kl emg dasarnya kreatif, bisa dibawa kemana-mana kok by.

    Gmn kerjaan lo skrg? enjoy? atau sama mumetnya ama yg dulu?

  3. Iya mel, sisi kreatif emang bisa dimasukin ke mana aja. Kayak kerjaan gw lama, gw udah paling demen kalo udah udah urusan design layout program. Di situ baru asik deh gw bisa refreshing sehabis berkutat sama logic2 program. Hahahaha…

    Kerjaan sekarang ya gitu deh, masih lancar2 aja. Masih baru juga sih, belom tau busuk dalemnya org2 dan perusahaannya. Wakakakak…

  4. In America, we have Samantha Brown. She’s super adorable, and gets to travel to all these places around the world, for free! She eats at amazing restaurants and stays in the nicest hotels, and even gets to do shopping. It’s all free as long as she’s doing it on camera. Best of all, I think her husband is actually one of the camera guys, so he is able to go with her! I would love to have a job like that -_-

    • Crystal!

      I can’t believe you found me here! Tell me how did you find my blog. Lol! Miss you.XD
      How is Caitlin?

      Yea… we’re dying for that kind of job. Travelling with our loved one is a big plus. I wonder if they ever feel bored with their job.

  5. Thank you for the encouragement. You’re right. Sometimes, we may all have tried so many things… but we forgot to put a faith in it.

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