I’m alive.

WOOHOO!! I feel ecstatic recently. For a past few days, I feel like I become a happier person than before. I’m alive.

Here’s the thing. I have a new regimen. And I’m so enthusiastic about it.

I’ve been a lazy person physically than I used to be since I entered adulthood. I used to be the fastest runner among my friends, the strongest female arm wrestler in my school, the girl whose endurance beat everyone in her class, the girl whose body was the stretchiest among her friends. I was so energetic. I was really fit. I kid you not. But time passes, life changes. After entering college life till now, my life is about studying, working, hanging out, and everything, but exercising.

Like what most women will get when they start to forget to move their body regularly, I get it as well. Yes, I gained and gain weight—in an unhealthy way. I can see it happening to me. Whenever I step on a scale, the scale needle keeps going to the right, never to the left. This is really not good. I used to have a nice curve, but the curve slowly disappears and transforms into a sand bag now. D’oh!

But, something has moved me from the inside.

My heart: “I really want to be the old me who’s always ready to conquer the world mentally and physically?

Me: I want it too!!!

My heart: “Let’s do it, then!”

Me: “I love you!”

So… now I decide I have to get it back! I just can’t let it go (the old me), not at this age, not at this phase of my life. It’s not easy, but it’s not an impossibility.

Actually, it’s not about weight loss only. It’s about living to the fullest, loving myself, being confident for what I am, achieving wishes, and every positive thing around.


Yesterday, I just walked for 4 kilometers or almost 2.5 miles at 5 AM!!! It took 35 mins to reach my destination. I know it’s no biggie for some people. But for me, it’s an achievement considering how lazy I was.  It’s been a great trip however. I was sweaty and quite tired, but it is nothing compared to how I felt afterwards. I felt great and happy.

It's me. I wore mask because I couldn't stand the air pollution.

Where did I go?

I went to a market! Yes, bought some groceries, fish to be exact. I’ve planned to have a healthier diet than before. This is the hardest part. 😀

My close friends who really know me will be fully surprised about this. “Is it the end of the world? Mia wakes up in the morning and goes to the market by foot? That can’t be!” they might say.

All this time, I always take the angkot to work rather than walk for about 5 minutes.It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s not that I’m scared that my skin will be darkened by sun.I just can’t stand the hot weather and the air pollution. Living in Jakarta means you’re ready to go through traffic jam everyday and for the rest of your life. It’s the consequence. Traffic jam means HEAVY pollution.

About the aforementioned reasons, it’s not an excuse, really. I don’t mind walking as long as it’s early morning/after the sun goes down and no heavy pollution. Mock me all you want. I just know that I’m not stupid. Why would I go through all that hell in the morning? I’m just about to start my beautiful day—should I come to the office sweaty, smelly, and panting?

So that’s about my recent regimen that makes me transform into a happier person like now.

P.S: It’s always good to love yourself.


6 thoughts on “I’m alive.

  1. Mel… Gw liat foto lu dijembatan situ, gw jadi kangen sama kantor lama gw… Wahahahahaha…

    Tumben lu rajin mel, gw sih udah ga tau kapan terkahir kali jalan sejauh itu. Hehehehe. Jadi malu saya perutku semakin membesar… Wakakakakak

  2. Jiakkaka.. bisa kangen jg lo sama kantor lama lo.

    Iya nih by, masa kian tahun badan kian membesar, Ya.. mau nurunin dikit lah.

    Eh kemarin gw ke kawinannya si Yanto, buset by, temen2 SMA kita semua pada membulat boooooo. SI Herlita yg dulu lo tau kan kurusnya seapa, kayanya sekarang se gw ini badannya. Hahhahhaha

    Emg ya kl uda kerja psti badan melar.

  3. Tumben lu dateng ke kawinan orang. Hahahaha

    Iye gw pernah ketemu helita di meridnya si eryanti. Yang laen2 juga beberapa juga ketemu sih, dan emang iya makin subur semua. Kayaknya pada hidup senang ya. Hahahaha…

    Gw gak diundang ke meridnya yanto. Gak gitu kenal sih gw. Si candika gak dateng ya?

    • @Tia
      Wahaha… gimana perutnya? Rata?
      Iya sehabis olahraga, serasa enteng baik secara fisik maupun pikiran..

      Iya by, tau aje lo gw males. Tapi krn ini Yanto.. ya sudahlah. Si candika ga dateng tuh. Ada acara katanya. Hahhaha
      Btw, subur belom berarti hidup senang 😀

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