HTC’s Android 2.3.3 update fiasco

I really want to rant, rant, and rant. Damn it! !@!$#@%#$^$&$%&%^&%^

If you’re an owner of HTC Desire HD, I STRONGLY advise you not to update your Android version into 2.3.3. NEVER EVER DO THAT!

My HTC was incredibly fine before. Now, it becomes somewhat paralyzed.

  • The signal receipt is totally crap. It starts to appear and disappear indiscriminately. Even when the signal appears full, sometimes I still can’t send a text msg /make a call. As I wrote this post, in my office, I can’t send/receive text or make a call while all my friends, who use the same provider, are able to do it.
  • I can hardly connect to mobile network and wi-fi that used to be fine.
  • I can lock my message, but there’s no way I can unlock it. WTF?

Those 3 issues happened since I updated its OS two days ago. I still haven’t figured out another issues. Many HTC users have reported these issues and some of their problems are even worse than mine in this thread.

When I did some research to find out what’s wrong with my HTC , I found a post like this in one forum.

“Alas I have been pressing the check now button on update screen 50 times a day since the past 5 days and still now update is showing up
you are damn lucky dude, to have got the update so early.”

LOL, I laughed and felt sorry to him at the same time. This is the first time I envy someone’s unluckiness. How I wish to be him.

I hope he hasn’t updated his OS yet. I’m too lazy to register at the forum and reveal the truth for him. This guy gives me a good idea. It seems I will be another person who is craving for an update and press the “Check Now” button obsessively 50 times a day or maybe endlessly. LMAO!

Who will expect something like this will happen from an official update after all? Google has never disappointed me before. I always think that their products are excellent and reliable. I should really change my mind about that now.

If only they were kind enough to give me a warning about how this update might fail because they haven’t tested it yet, I might do some researches before I installed it. Or…. at least let me rollback to my previous version of Android.


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