Sleep deprivation

In my ECDP class today, students were asked to do a short presentation. The topic could be anything. We had the leeway to pick our own topic. Everyone looked hesitated. So did I. But at least, everyone could manage to present their topic very well. They really knew what they were talking about. After one hour thinking hard, I was still staring blankly at my blank paper. I guess I forgot to bring my brain this morning.

One way or another I should do the presentation. I chose a very boring topic. I talked about my work procedure. D’oh!

When I spoke in front of the class, I really couldn’t attach my mind to my body. I lost my train of thought over and over again. I really could not remember what I was talking a minute ago. As far as I remember I spoke smoothly, but I just spoke, I didn’t really mean it.

When the instructor said that I was good, she just cheered me up I guess. I was utterly miserable.

What happened actually?

Sleep deprivation was the culprit.

If you read my posts two days ago, *cough* you might say that I play The Sims way too much, night and day.


Last night I worked!! Yea, the inspiration finally showed up and I could continue my abandoned job. I worked till 2 am.

As the aftermath, today I was tired to death. I was really broken. Just like my Sims. When they suffer from deprivations, their job or school performance is seriously poor. Why can’t I learn from them? I could never do something right when I don’t have enough sleep. My head is like wearing 10 kg hat now.

I really need this.

I’m going to have a deep sleep tonight. See you!


9 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation

  1. Aduuhh… kelewatan banyak postingan blog lu nih. Susah gak ada fasilitas internet. T_T

    iihh, baby-nya lucu, bokongnya semok yaa… hahahaha

    U ikut kelas apaan lagi mel? training ya?

    Sama nih, akhir2 ini juga gw kurang tidur. Kebiasaan nonton sama baca buku sampe malem. Haiiizzzz….

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  4. Ok I will get those wrinkles before you…lol…sleep….”I’ll sleep when I die.” It’s just a saying.. I love the night time, the quiet…the stillness, the darkness…the peace. You bring me peace. Have a nice rest sleep and talk tomorrow… your blogging buddy Jackie

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