A short retelling of “The Little Mermaid” by Mia

One tale that the ending should be changed for happy ending’s sake is The Little Mermaid tale. Forget Ariel in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  We know all Disney movies are happily ever after movies.

I’m talking about the Andersen’s version, the original tale where in the end of the story the little mermaid turned into foam on the sea because she couldn’t win the prince’s heart. We all know she’s the one who deserves the prince’s love. It’s just… life was too cruel for her. I have to say that her whole existence was an apology in the original tale. A forbidden love, sacrificing herself in the name of love, failing to win the prince’s love, witnessing the prince married someone else, and to make it even more tragic, vanishing. She couldn’t even  say how much she loved the prince.

It’s too heart-wrenching for children. I remember how I couldn’t contain myself when I read that tale at the first time. I burst into tears. It’s so cruel. Where’s the fairy tale miracle? It’s utterly sad and unfair. The little mermaid has lost the best things she has, yet she has to accept that.. Ah.. no no. Let’s move on.

Okay this is how I want The Little Mermaid tale to be ended:

The little mermaid sisters knew what happened to their little sister. They just couldn’t stand doing nothing.

Knowing that their little sister will perish in no time, they came to the rescue.  They came to the witch. They asked the witch to help their sister. The witch smiled in triumphant. She knew those mermaids would give her what she wanted. Her plan was successful beyond her imagination.

Long story short, the witch agreed to help, but in return she would take their voice as well. Undoubtedly, they agreed. The witch cut their tongues and gave them a potion  afterwards. The potion was to be drunk by the prince. Once the prince drinks the potion, he will remember everything.

Hey, don’t ask me how the hell they communicated to their sister when they were all mute.  They already gave a thought about that before.  I don’t need to tell you specifically about this scene, hahhaha. I leave it to your imagination.

The little mermaid managed to make the prince drink the potion. Voila…. Some visions came to his mind. He finally got it. He knew who his real savior was. The prince was speechless. Everything he thought all this time was wrong. The woman he was looking for years was under his very nose. Sincerely, the prince made an apology to her cancelled-soon-to-be bride for he had to cancel their wedding and then he turned his face to the little mermaid, made another apology for everything, confessed his feeling, and popped the question.

The little mermaid finally got what she deserved. The prince loved her more than anything and they lived happily ever after.

Now you might think why the witch didn’t give the potion to the little mermaid at the first place. Oh come on, a witch is not someone who has a kind-hearted soul, she is vile. 😀

P.S: Now, I feel bad to the little mermaid sisters. 😦


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