Living in a Sims World

I almost can’t manage to make a single post every week. Things could be really uncontrollable when I get attached to a new hobby/activity.

So the news is I’m currently playing The Sims 3 again. The first time I played TS3 was two years ago. Because of its arduous installation and patching process, I got bored before I could really enjoy the game. But few days ago, all of sudden, the desire to play it again made a comeback. I even managed to install all expansion packs flawlessly.

With Expansion Packs installed, the gameplay is very rich and awesome. The graphic is breathtaking. It takes time to get bored, I guess. I’ll post more decent pictures here someday, when I have the time and energy to present it decently here. FYI, it really drains my energy.

Here are some random pics I took while my sims were visiting Shang Simla, China.

So many things have been forgotten because of The Sims 3. I forgot to read my e-books, to watch my favorite cartoon and movies, to tidy up my room, etc. Hey, I also forgot that I have a blog to be taken care of. *cough*

All simmers know how hard it is (read: stop simming) 😀

It’s funny to realize that I try to keep my Sims’ life well-balanced while I forget to balance my real life. I made them sleep before 12 am, have breakfast before going to school or work, have a social life, attend parties, exercise regularly while my own life is all a mess. *long sigh* That’s what we called as ironic.

The Sims 3 is not only a game for me. It gives me different kinds of entertainment. It depends on the way I want it to be. Oh, for instance,  every now and then I need some simple illustrations in my job, e.g. a woman telephoning, a meeting room, a happy/sad expression, two people discussing, etc. Here’s what I did. I put my sims into a particular setting, make them pose, and start taking pictures of them. This is a good way to train your photography skill. Lol. You will try many different angles to get the best result. In reality you will have to move your position back and forth, the model gets tired, so do you. But in sims world, there’s a pause button!! They will freeze as long as you need. They won’t whine about weather, hunger, or anything else. You can dress them, change their make up and hair do just in a minute. The best of all is it’s free! How fun is it? How can I not love simming after all? Hahahhaha. I told you. It’s not just a game for me.

I don’t need to worry that I will spend my time just for gaming. It will expire by itself. I can’t get attached to something too long.

Have you played this famous game? What do you think?


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