The worst drivers I know

I stole a glance at Dailypost topic for today.

Describe the worst driver you know

First thing first, I just wanted to laugh when I found this topic. I finally found an interesting topic for my blog. There’s just one absolute answer for this question in my mind. Before I answer the “HOW” question, of course I have to answer the “WHO“question first.


My version of the worst drivers in terms of driving attitude are the infamous Mikrolet or Metromini drivers. For your information, Mikrolet and Metromini are names of our so-called public transportations. We,Indonesian, don’t have any fancy MRT or LRT. The most affordable public transportation here is Angkot. Angkot is the general term for public transportation here. Mikrolet and Metromini are two of them.

This hideous car is what we called as Mikrolet, a minivan, usually painted with blue, red, yellow, green, white, brown, even pink color!!  Only heaven knows what those colors mean. This one is the best Mikrolet I could find in Google Image Search!! The others are worse.

And this even more hideous car is what we called as Metromini, a small bus, typically painted with orange color. This is also the best of the best Metromini I could find.

HOW worst they could be?

CRAP! HOLY CRAP! I can’t even put it into words how horrible they are. Some of them don’t even bother to have a driving license.

Metromini/Mikrolet drivers have long forgotten that they are driving a public transportation vehicle. So much for safety comes first. They think their car could fit in any gap available. They will overtake you at any cost as if they are in the middle of racing event. They stop wherever they’re pleased. Your honk means nothing. They take it as a natural sound. They pull over their car any minute as if you can read their mind.  When it comes to getting passenger, they don’t hesitate to drive backward. They are the truly King of Street.

In some countries, people get arrested for drunk driving, but here the drivers are as sober as hell, yet they drive as bad as drunk drivers, so to speak.

At a traffic light where there is no police around, they pretend to be colorblind. Red lights become green, at least yellow.

Normally, if you accidentally hit someone’s car you’ll have to pay some compensation. But if you happen to be hit by the wrecked body of Mikrolet/Metromini, it will not work the other way round. Forget it, repair it by yourself. You’ll get nothing from them.

As their passenger, you might not feel as pissed as I am, but from a driver—who uses the same road—point of view, they are really detestable. You will want to swear them with every obnoxious word you know.



Now, I don’t really understand why I wanted to laugh when I found this topic. This topic makes me ranting to no end. How could I laugh and rant at the same time?*sigh*


6 thoughts on “The worst drivers I know

  1. Yea.. you’d better watch out when they’re around. HAhahhaha.

    From a passenger’s POV, Metromini is the most uncomfortable public transportation I know. LOL.

  2. Hi Mia! There’s something attracts my interest, how could public transit drivers drive without any driving license on hand? I’d rather walk than use those public transits. It’s like, my life is on their hand. freaking crazy.

  3. Yea… in Indonesia, Metromini/Mikrolet drivers (I have to emphasize this, because not all of our public transportation are as bad as Mikrolet/Metromini) could share their car to whomever they want, their siblings, their friends, whomever, really. Every now and then, I saw a teenager driving the Metromini. I bet he hasn’t got his driving license yet!

    Their (the drivers) main duty is paying the rent fee to the Mikrolet/Metromini’s owner. The owners themselves don’t really care about the drivers who will use their car are certified or not. Who own it? I don’t think I know. This country is way too complex and ironic. Some simple things even couldn’t get right easily. Theoretically, public transportation should be managed by government, but in reality, I could see some Mikrolets were parked in my neighbor’s house. It means they own them. I don’t know how they get the license.

    Some people don’t have a choice but to trust them. They’re major public transportation here.

    Most of our politicians and parliament members are corrupt. What can I say as a mere citizen? Let them be.
    It could be a reason why I hate politics so much. I will never touch that topic in my whole life. We already have more than enough people who concern (or just pretend to concern) about this country, so my concern is unnecessary. It’s kinda wasting time.

    Being a parliament member means you already have a gold mine here. You can exploit it to your content. Hahaha.. I may sound sarcastic. I do. I’m sick of it. That’s the fact. I have to see it day by day for the rest of my life.

    Oh no. I’ rant way too much. Hahhahahha. My grammar can be so poor at the moment like this..

  4. Mia I love what you said “In some countries, people get arrested for drunk driving, but here the drivers are as sober as hell, yet they drive as bad as drunk drivers, so to speak.” I laugh. It is so true. Your version of the colors of the cars are so funny. You write that with great humor. Yes, you share the road with those “Idiots” who get their license out of a Craker Jack Box and they really think they own the road. Or, they think they are an “exception” to all the rules of the road. Wow, I learned the names of your cars, and or transportation. USA Chicago, we just get plain “drunk drivers.” LOL. Loved your rant, so keep on ranting. Any topic you want to rant: should have the title of Rant: and then what you want to say…cuz you crack me up. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Thank you Jackie. I was flattered by your comment. It’s funny that you found my rant above is humorous while actually I wrote that with all anger I could muster. LOL!

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