What do you want to accomplish with your blog?

Ahoy, mate. This is my first time posting a blog with postaweek2011 tag in it.

So, if you don’t know what Postaweek is please click the badge on my sidebar. Hehe. This challenge is very interesting. People in this community keep throwing creative topics you have never imagined before, so that you’ll never run out of topics. Let’s jump on the bandwagon, coz it’s awesome!

I choose this topic as my first topic in Postaweek challenge because it’s very basic. Everyone will have an answer for it, though mine is lackluster.  Hehehe. Basically, I love writing and expressing my opinion. So I can say this blog has no specific topic or purpose. I’m blogging for fun and sharing information. I might talk about books, movies, my life, my friends, current trends or issues, and everything. There’s no topic limitation in this blog. 😀

So, the conclusion is I just want to be fun and happy with my blog and make friends with people all over the world. That’s my goal. What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “What do you want to accomplish with your blog?

  1. I think you were killing me softly when you ask me to reply your post in english. But anyway, I’ll try it even it makes me really embarassed.

    First of all, I still don’t know what postaweek is exactly. Hahahaha

    Yep, I love writing too, and now I prefer to choose another topic and purpose in my blog. I want to fullfil my blog with my short story. Yeah, that’s my goal.
    I hope this goal become a real in my life. Wuahahahah
    Dream, dream, and just keep dream. Watever lah…

    CMIIW, pliz

  2. Haha. Don’t feel embarassed. People do mistake.

    Why don’t you join this challenge? 😀

    Anyway, are you sure you want to fill your blog with fictitious stories only? No personal life rambling?

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