Writing project

Few weeks ago, Robby and I planned to write a fantasy together. At first, I was so excited to start this project.  It’s been a long time since the last time we did this. So, we did some chit-chat to discuss what we would write. And I realized that we haven’t changed. We’re still the duo idiots who keep laughing in the middle of our conversation and even if we don’t, we will try to laugh by hook or by crook. We always threw jokes and kidded around in every situation.

Back in the day, Robby could be the most cynical person in my class. But for an unfathomable reason, we got along very well to the point we really believed we were a true soul mate (in friendship). Maybe we both had a great sense of humor and it glued us together.

Okay, back to our writing project.  In the end of our discussion, we had some points to begin with.

The characters:

Robby’s character is a wizard whose name is Kean. He’s handsome, blonde, and he has blue eyes. While Robby (as always) came up with a well prepared, brilliant, and strong character; I came up with a nowhere to be found character. Her name is Manana. The name of Manana was inspired from a leopard. Yeah, I kid you not.  I was watching Nat Geo Wild–which happened to be a documentary of a leopard’s life called Manana–when we proposed our characters. Manana is a beautiful, exotic, smart, and tough leopard.

While Kean is a handsome guy from New York, do you know where Manana comes from? She comes from Zimbabwe.

Why Zimbabwe?

Here’s the thing. When it comes to countries in Africa, Zimbabwe is the first name that pops in my head.  At the first time I knew there’s a country called Zimbabwe—though I knew nothing about it—I  was so mesmerized by its name and I like the way I pronounce it. LOL. It’s a beautiful name of a country.

So I introduced her to Robby and his comment was “Well, that’s fine. But I’m pretty sure she’s not a kind of girl Kean would set  his eyes on.”


Nevermind. I will make him set his blue eyes on my exotic Manana!

Since I don’t know anymore how to write a prologue or how to write a story, I got Robby to write first. A few hours later, he told me that he had written some paragraphs and now it’s my turn.

At the moment I tried to describe the situation I had in mind,  I had realized one thing. I really can’t write anymore. My vocabularies are totally crap. It took me a few hours just to write a paragraph.

To make it even worse, the genre of our project is FANTASY! For God’s sake! How on earth could I  write a  fantasy story involving a wizard while I’ve never known a single wizard character in my whole life? I love fantasy but not wizard (at least until now). That’s why I’ve never read Harry Potter till today.  I simply don’t have any idea about how a wizard in action will look like.

After reading Robby’s writing I was like “Oh my God, where did he get those ideas?” He has imagined some unthinkable stuffs for me. *long sigh* I believe he has dug pretty much ideas from Harry Potter. I’m no match for him.

Robby, I will put this project on hold. If you want to continue writing, I’ll be glad to contribute some ideas.  Hahahha.

After Twilight saga and The Hunger Games trilogy, I’m craving for another fantasy books, but Harry Potter.  It’s way too popular. I’m looking for something less popular than Harpot but much better than it. Any idea?


6 thoughts on “Writing project

  1. Dua idiot? Bagi kita idiot dan kecerdasan intelektual cuma dipisah sama benang tipis. Jadi ya gitu, kadang kita ga bisa bedain yang mana yang cerdas, yang mana yang idiot. Dan kadang idiot itu yang dominan lebih keluar. Ya kan…Wakakakak.

    Ooh, si Manana tuh dari nama leopard ya. Gw baru tau. Pantes eksostis gitu. Bulu belang loreng-lorengnya ga ikutan tuh mel? Hehehehe

    Gw jadi ketawa klo inget kita pertama setup nih cerita.
    Pas u nyebutin karakter u, “Manana namanya. Dr Zimbabwe”
    Gw langung ngawang2 ngebayangin si manana. Dokter dari Zimbabwe??? Wakakakakka… Ooh ga taunya Dari Zimbabwe, bukan dokter Zimbabwe. LoL

    Ayo mel lanjutin lagi chapter 1 u, jangan biarkan dia meninggal di tengah jalan, hahahaha. Kita bikin asal gabruk aja nih cerita.

    Btw, prolog-nya ga u posting??

    • Ga pake bulu belang-belang by. Ntar gw diprotes PETA! Hahahaha.

      Iya by, pas kita chat malam2 gitu, gw jg ngakak abis. Ya uda, ntar gw coba lanjut lagi dah.. hahahha. Btw, rencana gw kl bab 1 nya uda kelar, baru gw posting prolognya. Hahhahahhah

  2. Yeaaah ^_ ^v kali ini berhasil dapet email notif buat postingan komen. Wahahahahah…

    Peta siapa sih? Petta Mellark?? Haahahah

    Oke oke lanjutin deh, gw kayaknya lagi hilang mood buat nulis nih. Kmaren aja otak gw mendadak mandek. Masa gw nulis cerpen ud hampir dua jam cuma dapet 4 paragraf doang. Dooh….

    Ooh ya uda terserah u deh kapan posting prolognya. Hahahaha

    • Kl emailnya ga lo hapus, ya bakal ada notifnya *siul2*

      PETA itu People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. swt.. ga gaul lo by. Hahhaha

      Kita liat ya.. sampai chapter berapa bakal bertahan

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