A New Home

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I’ve been thinking to move to another blog hosting recently. I already have some blogs in my Blogger account anyway.  I made it just for fun. The problem is I already have a lot of entries here. I wish there were a simple way to export all my entries here to my other blog. Unfortunately, it was just a dream and still just a dream.

Why did I choose Multiply as my main blog back in the day? Hmm… I was so in love with the Photo Albums section. It’s so easy to upload your photos in Multiply, as simple as drag and drop. Nah, trend is changing. Facebook came.  It challenged Friendster, MySpace, and all kind of social networking services I knew. As we all already know, Facebook’s photo album is more interesting than Multiply’s. As a result, I gradually started to forget that I have photo albums here. haha.

But I’m so not into Facebook anymore right now. It’s history.

Now, why did I choose to not continue blogging here (Multiply)?

Here are some of my pet peeves about Multiply:

  1. JavaScript/CSS not allowed. I tried once to compose my blog in Microsoft Word and did copy-paste ritual to Compose Blog Entry in Multiply.  Next, I pressed Save & Publish and tadaaaa…. The “Javascript/CSS not allowed” showed up. The error really bugged me to no end.  I didn’t even use any advanced formating, dude!  I ended up pasting my blog content to Notepad to clear up any invisible formatting in my body text.
  2. Multiply’s review section is so pathetically plain. Oh come on people, even a review needs some emphasizes in it!!! Why in the world would Multiply developers decide to not provide text formatting options in its review section?? The only thing I love in its review section is the stars. Yeah, at least I can put my rating in just one click. That’s it.
  3. Its “one account one blog” system. Compared to another blog hosting, it’s one of disadvantages Multiply users have to deal with. So, let’s say you want to create a totally different theme/purpose than your old blog, you have to create another Multiply account and it means you must have two email accounts. You can’t manage your contents under one account. You have to login and logout back and forth, or using two browsers maybe.
  4. Ads, ads, and ads. Since Multiply went  premium, I’m —as an ordinary user—no  longer  free from  ads. Hmm. No comment. I just don’t like it. End of story.
  5. No Backup Tool. Need I say more?

Where is your new home, Mia?
At first, I thought I might move to Blogger.  According to user stats in my Blogger account, I’ve been on Blogger since May 2006. It means 5 years. It’s user friendly and very customizable. But, before I made a final decision, I gave a proper look to WordPress. I was hooked on its clean and slick appearance. Without thinking too much, I decided to move to WordPress. 😀 So far, it’s the best free blogging service for my taste.

P.S: Robby, see you  there!!!


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