Something out of my control

I’ve been watching some shows from Nat Geo Wild recently. I love it since the first time I saw it in my TV long time ago. I don’t know what makes me so attracted to the show. I just like it.  Seeing the wild life, under water creatures, the tiny bugs, cute and lovely pets, and everything give me a break from my intense mind.

It’s more entertaining than watching shitty and over dramatic dramas in some our local channels.

I’m not an animal lover at heart, even I hate chickens. The only animals I want to touch or hug are dogs or cats. But I’m more of a dog person than cat person. Even so, I admit that cats are as adorable as dogs, even the big cats like tiger and lion. Some of you might not like lions or tigers because of their fierceness. But if you look deeper into their life, you will know, all animals that live in the wild life go through a hardship, no matter who they are, a prey or a predator. For example, a leopard is still helpless to prevent a baboon from attacking their calves. So, to cut a long story short, they don’t deserve our.. oops, my hatred. 😀

When I was still at primary school,   I wondered why we don’t kill every lion on earth. They’re cruel. They eat sinless animals, even they eat calves. Why are we giving them mercy? Later I know, they’re part of our ecosystem, we can’t get rid of them without causing a disaster to the ecosystem itself.

And the latest, I know one more thing. We, human, are the one who interferes in their balanced life.  They’ve lost their food and their home because of us. Their lives are at stake. Some of us try to give back what they’d lost before. There are a lot of organizations, governmental or non-governmental, who have made sanctuaries for them.  But sadly, on the other side of the world, poaching keeps going.

We can only hope our next and next and next generations will still be able to see a Sumatran Tiger in the flesh, not just on a piece of a paper or in TV screen. So much for the animals to live peacefully, they become less and less.

That’s about animals in the wild life.

What about the animals that live around us? Dogs and cats for examples.

From what I have faced daily, most people don’t realize (or maybe just simply don’t give a damn?) that every living thing including animals have the rights to live free from fear.   They’re not made of steel or stone. They can feel the pain when we hurt them. They also want a secure feeling like us.  So often I found abused animals on the street. I felt such a pang in my heart when I could do nothing to help them.

We don’t have a generous and reliable institution where we can bring wounded street animals to be taken care of or an Animal Services Unit in our police department who investigates animal cruelty that happens in our neighborhood. So much for animal welfare here. I guess there would be none of our parliamentarians will bother bringing this issue to the surface. It only will happen when pigs fly.


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