LMGTFY stands for…

Do you know what LMGTFY stands for?
It’s Let Me Go Then Forget You.

I just made that up. LOL

It stands for Let Me Google That For You. From my point of view, it’s a unique way to tease your friends when they think it’s better to bother you than google it by themselves.

I randomly chose my keyword and ended up with typing “bodoh” as the keyword.

The number one result was from urbandictionary.com. I was like “WHAT?? Bodoh in urbandictionary?” It’s a jaw-dropping discovery for me. I mean, you know.. I never thought that urbandictionary is a multilingual dictionary.

And the examples the contributor gave were so hilarious.
You are soooo bodoh! So near cannot attack laar!
That guy is bodoh because he sold his balls for 15 bucks

Oh my.. what the hell is laaar??

Incidentally, I still can’t find any policies that mentioned about the language allowed in urbandictionary. So the conclusion is it’d be okay if I add “alay” in urbandictionary.
We have a lot of slang to be added later then.


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