Indomie.. seleraku.. and killing me softly

>I wonder why Indofood should make Indomie with different ingredients for different countries. For God’s sake, it’s food!!! Something we consume!! Do they intend to poison us slowly? Damn it!

Do we Indonesian not deserve the same quality of Indomie like Taiwanese or Singaporean? To make it more ironic, let’s ask the number one question. Where does the Indomie come from? Is it from Taiwan? Or Singapore? In my very stupid mind, I believe we are the one who deserve the best quality from Indofood. Nationality speaks.

I don’t give a shit if the Indomie sold in Taiwan can’t pass their food-safety standards. But, knowing that Indomie in our country has worse quality than in Taiwan, it makes me AAAAAAAARGGHHH!!!! It’s insane!!

Once again, let me stress it again. It is FOOD!!! And we are not robots!!

And you, Indofood, for every loss you might suffer because of this issue, you deserve it!


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