My new hair gadget: Remington Spin Curl

Miss A from Remington is an angel, indeed.

I contacted her weeks ago to ask some informations about the amazing Air Wave Hairdryer from Remington. It ended up with her giving me a complimentary Spin Curl. I felt like a million dollar baby when I received her email. FYI, I can’t find any online stores in Asia who sell this product. The online stores who sell it are Amazon and Target, sadly, shipping to Indonesia isn’t available.

After two weeks, there were no confirmation email from her. I shamelessly asked her again about her “promise”. And once again, I felt like a million dollar baby. She said, my Spin Curl had been dispacthed the day before I emailed her. I would have received my Spin Curl within next week.

Today, Aug 27, I receive my Spin Curl!! YAY!!!!!

You can consider me as the luckiest girl this month. At least, that’s what I feel. I want this gadget so bad, I even dreamed about it. This hair dryer is not expensive actually, in US you can get it around $27, but in UK it’s a lil bit expensive, around £39.

I have a lot of considerations before I decided to buy/get it by hook or by crook. First, it’s not cheap to import it.. you should think about shipping fee and customs, not to mention the waiting time. I guess it would cost me around Rp 500.000 and one month waiting to get this product.

Second, I was still not sure about the voltage. As we may know, U.S appliance works with 110 V. It would be a big trouble for me to find a 2000W step down transformer. It’s expensive, ladies!!! And once again, I’m so lucky, this hair dryer works with 220 V power.

It’s quite a headache, isn’t it?

But God let an angel to make my dream comes true. I get it for free!! I didn’t even pay a single penny to get this hairdryer. Hahahah.. don’t be jealous.

I never expect this package will arrive less than a month, but the fact, it only took 5 days from Germany to reach me here, in Indonesia.

How is it?

This is the answer.

She sent it via DHL for crying out loud!!! I almost cried. LOL!!! It’s just too good to be true. It’s free…. *sob* I don’t how to thank her. I haven’t told her yet that I already got my package. I’ll let her know at Monday I guess.

Check this out!

Can you see the words I underlined??? She even thought about customs fee I should pay if she didn’t mention about “free of charges”

I can’t thank her enough.

Okay, here’s the hair dryer

A lil bit different with the hair dryer I got in mind. I think since it’s a 1800W hairdryer, it should be a heavy hairdryer like the hair stylists always use in salon.
It’s not too big and it’s so light.

This small thing, is the only reason why I insist to have this hair dryer  no matter what.  You can search on You tube why this hair dryer is so special.

It also comes with concentrator nozzle.

So… what do you think ladies?

Too bad, I can’t review this hair dryer right now. I have a lot of things to do. Since the wattage is so enormous, I can’t use it daily or anytime. I have to pick a right time to use it.

P.S: Even if it doesn’t give me  good beachy waves as it claims, I still love this product. This is my first hair dryer. I never bought one.


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