Sunday morning

> Ehm.. This is what I always do in Sunday… giving this lazy dog a bath. I’ve to admit that he shows a very nice behaviour when you give him a bath. But, he always makes me frustrated too. I have to yell him over and over again to make him come or at least wake up from his nap. He does it on purpose. What the heck is in his mind actually. Sometimes, I have to do a real action like dragging him to my terrace. That’s the only thing I could do if I have no time to tolerate his laziness.

I’ll add some pics later and those pics surely makes me want to smash his head with scoop. Mwuahahahhaha.

Anyway.. this is Lee min Ho.. BOF Super Star. hahahha. Who doesn’t know him?

I am very upset now, realizing his drama will end soon. OMG, I can’t bear it. I love this drama so much. I will miss his face and his priceless smile a lot. Seeing his smile is just like being under the shade tree. Needless to say, I’m totally into him, right now, right here. You can click the images for larger version.

Arghh.. I love the way he act as Gu Jun Pyo. He makes Tsukasa’s character livelier than other versions (yea, even Taiwan version). Good job, Min Ho. I wish this drama would be a great stepping stone for him. Can’t wait for his new appearance.


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