Monday Madness

> This blog is a response for Robby’s blog. Aaaaaaaaahhh, he set me up and then he humiliates me in his blog. How dare you, Babi!! I’ll have my revenge on you, someday. Mwuahahhahahha. *villain mode on*

For complete story, you can check his blog… He also posted some our photos he took in the busway. It’s embarassing, though. LMAO. He had tried to take some good pictures. Sadly, it ended up with blurry photos, bad lighting, even my face wasn’t in the photo. DAMN, he cropped my face in the first place!! You’ll pay a lot for this, Robby!! XDDD One suggest for you, just throw your cell phone to garbage can… it ruined our moment.

Dearly readers, can you guess how long does it take to save a single photo with his phone camera?? *rolling eyes* It took FOREVER!!! If he wants to capture a spontaneous moment, he’ll definitely lose that moment. LOL!!

For larger view, click the image above


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