Saturday activity

>Rain has ruined our plan. If there’s no rain today, Yulia, Sherly and I should have arrived at lime Light Karaoke by now. Plan cancelled. What a wasteful day. Forget it, it’s history.

This morning, after awakened by false alarm, I wondered what to do today. Oh well, let’s take a look at PSP. I have installed PSP 9 for weeks, but I still don’t know how to put an image layer on the other image/layer. So, I’m searching some tutorials and finally get the clue. It’s easy.

Next issue is how to transform the image like I always do in Photoshop? In photoshop, we simply can press Ctrl + T to transform our image, but in PSP it doesn’t work. It’s not a standard shortcut as I always think before. Hohoho.

Tired with transforming thing, I left it behind, and next, I try to enhance my photos. It’s not bad at all. I like to use “One Step Fix” button to fix my poor photos. That feature has done a wonderful job. Here’s the example:

It’s great, isn’t it?

Enough with PSP, I’m back to Photoshop. The only reason I choose Photoshop as my favorite image editor is because it is the only image editor that I’m familiar with. Hahahhaha.. Sometimes Photoshop still gives me a lot of frustrations, though.

I came across to my photos folder, and suddenly I really miss My Mom and Dad. So, in response to my feeling, tadaa… I love the Word Arts so much. Thanks Bethany. You are very right. I have found my Prince Charming… but Daddy will always be a King in my castle. Ohh.. I’m so into fairy tale.

You can see the larger version in My Scrapy Pages album and I’ve added some new LOs.


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