>He xin nian, zhu xin nian, xin nian aaaa, nian lian nian! Bao zhu sheng sheng something something…
Uhhmmm oh yea… I remember
Bao zhu sheng sheng cui de xiang you nian

XIN NIAN LAI LE!!!!! The day has come. Chinese New Year for me is eating and having new clothes. No no.. It was new year’s meaning for my brother whom hippo is slimmer than (sorry bro, i don’t mean it, but it’s a fact that you and I can’t deny, don’t worry we still love you). Okay, so ..the correct order for me is having new clothes and eating a lot of fruits.. That’s what I like most.

I’ve taken 4 days personal leave for this special occasion and I’m going to Waterbom PIK with my family and boyfriend I will slide, slide, and slideeeeeeeeee. It’s been a long time for me not having fun in an outdoor area. I’ll guarantee myself that I’ll have a lot of fun there. I won’t miss every single fun. There will be a lot of photos too. 😛 CAn’t wait, can’t wait, cant wait

This blog will be the last blog of the month. I’m not going online for a week. I’ll miss my computer so much. and worse, I’m absent from Plurking to. Ooh it’s baaddd.. my karma will decrease.

Wow, it’s 1 pM right now, gotta go, I have a meeting with someone. See you all.. Happy New Year! Xi Ni!!


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