A Belated Resolution

>The graphic design training I’ve been waiting for one year is finally being conducted.

I always wonder about how some photographers do the photo editing/retouching and how some artists create beautiful vector images.
Where does the idea/inspiration come from? Do we need some particular “talents” to create a beautiful visual art? Can someone who has very poor (absoutely) drawing skill like me make a captivating vector image?

Drawing?? Did I mention “drawing”? If I really mention it, then the answer of the previous question is “I guess not”

Balinese traditional dance? I can work it out. Playing piano or guitar? I believe I can work it out. Swimming, badminton, volley? It still makes sense for me. But, drawing.. oh pleasee…

Drawing is the most frustrating subject in my life after Physics. The two subjects has made me so humiliated in class. Honestly, I love drawing, indeed. Not that I want to become a drawer. But IMO, the activity of drawing is beautiful.. that’s why I want to be able to draw.
So far, I have never succeeded in making a good image or a reasonable sketch, even once. It’s not clear what makes my hand so pointless when it comes to drawing. I’ve tried to synchronize it with my imagination, but… *sigh desperately* That’s why i have boundless admiration for someone who can draw.

Today (in graphic design course) I learn how to use pen tool. OMO OMO!. Pen tool has been the peskiest tool for me. The reason is simply because I can’t use it. Damn it!
The tutor seemed as desperate as I am when he taught me how to use pen tooI. I have no idea where to put the next point, how to make a perfect curve, how to blah blah blah. Huh.. After asking demonstrations from the tutor about 5 times.. at last, I am able to make the curve I want. Needless to say, I’m so thrilled about this. Hahahha..

Hmm.. Photoshop and Illustrator … wait for me. I’ll conquer you this year. Don’t you think it sounds dubious?? As you might know, I can’t stick to one thing for a long time. But, I’ll give it my best shot. Mwuahahhahahahah.

Here below is my very first project.. making a background for a poem.
What do you think?? Sssh.. Yea.. I know it’s bad, tasteless, eye-hurting. Practice makes perfect, right?


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