Entering the new year with curiosity

Hi everyone.. Holiday is over and I’m back to my routine.
2009..It’s time to rise and shine. Woohooooooooooooooo New Year.. is new hope. January for me is.. the beginning of everything.
I began this new year by doing some girl things with my mom. Cooking, shopping, and going to salon.
Yesterday I went with my mom to Alfons salon. Before we entered the salon, I had bought 2 Madagascar movie tickets. And Saturday thing was all set.

Well, after the hair’s done, we watched the movie as I planned before. But my mom isn’t a movie enjoyer, I should know it very well. She ended up falling asleep. Poor me, I laughed and talked to myself. How pathetic. From now on, I promise to myself, I’d never ever ask my mom to watch a movie. It’s out of the question.

Entering a new year always makes me wonder what will turn my life upside down in this year. Life is a mystery, which should be revealed day by day. But I’m too curious to know what’s next? What will happen? Who will I meet tomorrow? What type of new game that will be released this year? What’s the most popular book this year? how far will my salary increase? What kind of new job awaits me in this year? Will Lautner stay as Jacob in New Moon? (this is very important question)

Why on earth should I have plenty questions in my mind without having ability to answer it by myself? Everytime i try to stop questioning, there’s always another question pops in my mind. I can’t stop it. Wise man says, being curious is a mark of a creative person. Hmm.. but I still think it’s kinda annoying ( for me and for someone who will be the object of my curiosity).

Do I really need a curiosity management?? Is the subject (curiosity) ever mentioned before? Does over curiosity will bring a negative effect?

See.. I can’t stop asking.


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