My Own Worst Enemy

>The only reason why I picked this series to watch is because Taylor had a role in it. No matter what the story is, no matter how many episodes he had. Just when I read his name in “MOWE” page, I decided to watch this series immediately. In this series, Taylor acted as Jack Spivey, son of Henry Spivey who used to an ordinary sub urban husband with a beautiful wife and two kids. Soon something happens, and he realises that he has a split personality and shared life with someone whose name is Edward Albright, a superspy who works for Janus aka AJ Sun Consulting, a company where Henry works for.

The reason why he know it just now is because he’s broken. Yea.. Henry and Edward is broken. They aren’t supposed to know each other. Edward’s presence should be controllable by Janus. But since they’re broken, Janus can’t control who will show up purposely. And the rest of the story can be guessed I think 😉 Henry and Edward often showed up in the wrong time and wrong place.

To be honest, this show is not bad at all, I love how the story goes, it has good conflicts, Christian Slater plays Edward and Henry very well. The difference between Henry and Edward is obvious. Nice job of him. SO, why the hell NBC should cancel this show?? It’s stopped at episode 9. What a short series. Many MOWE fans howl for this.

I just hope NBC will continue this show.


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