When the price of beauty is pain



Ladies, No pain no beauty. It’s 100% true. I don’t have enough words to describe how horrible the stink of bulus oil for me. Yucks!! It suffered me a lot when I applied it on my face. To prevent me from vomiting, I have to breathe like a goldfish. Please imagine how they breathe. That’s exactly how I breathe too. I HAVE TO breathe through my throat, not my nose. What a terrible moment I had. The torture lasted for 30 minutes. And on the mirror I could see my face turned to green, greener and greener than before..

YAYY!! Saved by the bell.. phew. I grabbed my facial foam in a thunder speed and run to bathroom. I put a lot of foam in my hand and rubbed my face with the foam eagerly to remove that stink, awful, fearful, horrific, nasty and …… …. whateva I don’t care, the most important thing to accomplish was having my face washed as clean as possible. But damn thing always happens. The stink still remained. I put a lot of facial foam in my face, and I rubbed it over and over again till some of my eyelashes fell out.
Should beauty come with the pain?? 😦

Another examples of beauty-comes-with-pain thing :
1. I love the look of high heel, but it comes with some consequences like foot pain, varices, not to mention blister and chafing *sigh*
2. If you feel boring with your daily appearance and you want to look fabulous just make sure you’re wearing a waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Yeah.. you’ll look so fabulous instantly. But, when it comes to the cleansing time… you know.. err..if you’re lucky enough not to make your eyelashes fall out , at least you’ll have raccoon eyes for a day or two..
3. Can you stand the sore that caused by facial peeling, laser treatment, microdermabrasion , etc??? Gosh It’s hurtful. Or so i heard.. I’m lucky i don’t need those kind of treatments.

Too many to mention. Women chase beauty at all cost and just one thing you should know when you decide about becoming beautiful. Beauty is pain, pain is beauty. Lol!!
Who said it’s easy being a woman?

Back to bulus oil, even though I had promised my self not to use it for the second time, I’ve to admit, the result is amazing and instant. My skin is smoother, brighter, healthier and more elastic. Not bad. But I give up to continue using that oil. It was more than a fear factor challenge for me.


3 thoughts on “When the price of beauty is pain

  1. at least you’ll have raccoon eyes for a day or two..

    LOL, I knooowww, right?
    paling malesnya riasan mata emang gitu.. kalo ngga punya make up eye removal, kudu pasrah ilang sendiri.

    Eh, emang hasilnya sekeren itu ya? Tahan lama ngga? Apa kudu rutin?
    Tapi kayaknya saya ngga bakal tahan deh, selain karena denger-denger amis ngga ketulungan, postingan ini lumayan desrikptif buat membenarkan rumor yang beredar.. 😆

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