Are u working? Bored with your job? Got sick with your boss? A traitor friend?? A cheating partner?? Being unwanted child? And you realize that your life is full of crap.
And out of the blue, in one day, you’re involved in a brutal bullet war, you had no less than three million dollars in your bank account, ( this is the bestest part ), you were trained in a sadistic way in order to accomplish your fate. Piuhhh….

That’s what happened to James McAvoy in WANTED movies. Well.. I give it 3.5 of 5 stars. The action scene was cool. Even I’ve never liked Jolie as Brad’s lover, I’ve to admit, she is cool in this movie. I love her acting anyway..

The other interesting part besides seeing 3 million dollars in Wesley’s ( James McAVoy) account (which he didn’t have a chance or time to spend it). In this movie James is really hot.. I like his transformation from a depressed office worker into a tight, muscled killing machine. Wow! SEXY!

This is an action thriller movie with a good plot and cool scene. Worth to watch.


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