Bad Couple Finished

>Today, I watch the 3 last episodes of this drama. I give 4/5 stars for this drama. Seriously, you should watch this simple yet complicated drama. It really entertains. There were a lot of emotions float when I was watching this drama. This drama could make you laugh and cry as well. With unusual storyline, Bad Couple caught my attention since the first 10 minutes I watched it. And after watched the whole episodes, this drama has brought me to a dream where a perfect husband like Gi Chan exists. *sigh* It was an unavoidable habit.

I still remember the scene where Dang Ja pretend to faint in front of Gi Chan in his botanical garden after eating a non-poisonous fruit. And if you could see the way Gi Chan ignored her… *lol*. It seemed unspeakably funny to me. If I put it in simple words.. I could say Dang Ja is the most shameless woman in this universe. But without her shameless effort, this drama wouldn’t be this good. Shin Eun-Kyung played Dang Ja character very well. And I just realize if she was the main actress in My Wife is A Gangster 1 and 2. I hadn’t watched it yet. It surprises me a lot. A gangster and a fashion magazine editor???? Any idea?? I think I should watch My Wife is A Gangster 1 and 2.

Not that I want to see how different she looked, but yeah.. I want to see Shin Eun-Kyung aka Dang Ja in action movies.
Lol… i think (and you might think the same) that the first clause has the same meaning with the second clause.

I don’t want to spoil u by telling how the story begins and how the story ends. If you want to know the summary, you can find it through Wikipedia or other sites. All I can say is, you should trust me.. this is a-worth-to-watch drama.


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