My Love Type

I just discovered my love type. And I’m a WISTFUL LOVE.

Here is my review about what youniverse tells about me:
It seems like you’re someone who can’t imagine life without romantic frolics. –> Definitely true. 100%

Maybe it’s because you fall in love so easily. You tend to be very quick to get involved too. –> 20%

It’s all about intuition and chemistry when it comes to picking a match. –> 1000%

Love is so important to you that you probably don’t feel quite complete unless you get your fair share of affection –> 100%

If you want a relationship that really endures, make sure that there’s more to it than physical attraction. –> Absolutely 100%

There are some description about my emotions, perceptions, and aspirations about love. I have to admit it. It’s 100% true.

I can’t help being such a passionate person. It makes me feel alive.
If I’m in a relationship, it’s probably very intense. I’ll grab as much one-on-one time with my lover as I can.

I can’t do love by halves. I make strong commitments. I believe in living in the moment. And grabbing every precious second I could with the one I love.

Great analysis. I just pick some of my fave pics and youniverse analyse my choices and tadaaaaaaaa…… the result comes. No need to read a lot. Just look at the pic, and click one of them. Once again, you should try it


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