I checked my e-book collection one by one. Just checking if there was something good to be read. And I found an origami book. I downloaded it long time ago.. may be last year.
I don’t know why it catches my interest. And I got a HVS paper, cut it into square shape. I read the instruction carefully, and tadaa… I’ve made my first envelope. LOL!!
You must think where is the punch line?? Well. I must say, there’s no punch line here. I’m just happy doing something i like.

On my way home, I bought some pieces of origami papers at sigma. Well.. it was surprising me. The price was cheaper than i expected before.Yea i know, it was plain paper with no motif. No problem, I’m just a beginner. I thinks this paper is better than HVS.
Soon, I opened the tutorial, video and e-book as well… And there you are, my first flower.. stands gracefully on Meg Cabot’s book. Lol. What the heck!!

Success with my first origami, i intended to make a rose.. I love rose. Rose is romantic and beautiful. PERFECT!
I watched the video tutorial, and followed the instructions. I did it very well for early steps, but it became more difficult at the end. I couldn’t fold it like the tutor did. I shoved the paper into my screen. It’s not as easy as i think.

My failed rose ended up like this. Damn! Why should I use the pink one?? I just ruined it.

But giving up is not my choice. Hopeless, but I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ll do my best.


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