Papaya Duriano

Hahaha.. have you ever tasted it?
In my opinion, it has a great taste. Yeah, I stored my durian I bought a week ago in a Tupperware. And I ate it up till last drop. The next day, I stored my papayas in the same Tupperware. I put it in my fridge and left it for 4 days. When I opened it. It was still papaya, no change at all. It is still as fresh as three days ago. But new scent added. Durian’s scent!!! Wow.. What a mouth-watering papaya I had! I loved the smell, really, I couldn’t’ stand anymore. Soon, I got a fork in my hand and sticked a piece of papaya.
WHOAAA…. The taste was fantastic! Indescribable taste. You should try it by yourself. Lol.

I’ve to admit that I’m a fruit maniac. I am able to consume more than 1 kg of apple, orange, durian, mango or any kind of fruit in a 24 hours. Yeah that’s true. My stomach has no limitation for fruits.
I wish I could have many fruit trees in my garden someday. Fruits are so sexy, seductive, and tempting.


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